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Facebook New Updates

Over the last couple of months Facebook has been rolling out new features throughout the Business Pages, which is an exciting time for your business to be on Facebook. Lets take a look at what the current changes have been and how we can start implementing some of these updates into our marketing.

Instant Reply Message

Personal Message

Facebook have updated the Private Message feature with a instant reply message, you can add your own personalisation message. Add your own customisation reply.

Live Stream

Live streaming straight from your business page, engaging with your audience a lot more easier. Below is a video walking you through how to ask your followers to save your page so when you share a post it is pinned to the top of their newsfeed and also how to use Live Stream on your business page.


The Key to Generating New Clients Through Social Media & Why Having a List of Contact Details Helps…

I am going to share with you a recent project that I worked on with a client just before Christmas 2015 to increase her leads and create a good solid database of raving fans.

How did we manage to do this successfully? 

To start with we looked at what tools and resources we needed to be able to make this campaign successful and also what was the product we were going to provide to these new clients, I new it had to be high quality and really motivating.

1. Product – What were we going to provide and How were we going to deliver it

2. Marketing – How would we market the product to get out there to as many people as possible in such a short time period.

3. What Next – What could we then do with those people who went through the product to convert them to a paying client


We created a 12 Day Christmas Fit Blitz where participants would received workout from video – audio each day leading up to Christmas Day.


Deciding how to market this product was really a no brainer, the client had over 3,000 fans following her on her Facebook page but didn’t have many of those converted into her database so we targeted those people to start with, we then created Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Ad campaigns targeting other Facebook Pages like Pete Evans, I Quit Sugar ect.

Facebook Ads

I ran 2 different Ads, one was a video of different workouts in a short burst of time, and you can see below the Ad received 19 Likes, 1 Comment and 4 Shares.

The results are below this ad with a cost of $0.12 cents for videos of this video and 140 clicks through to the website.

NOTE: Video is highly effective and has a really cheap cost at the moment, so start utilising a lot more video in your business.

The second ad was a carousel ad which featured 2 videos and an image in between. This ad went absolutely nuts. There were 32 Likes, 11 Comments and 17 Shares

Instagram Ad

This was the first time I had tested the Instagram Ads, and although the response was ok with a bit of engagement we only received 15 website clicks from the ad at a $1.60 per click which worked out to be the most costly out of the 3 ads. But it was interesting to give it a test and I will be doing a lot more testing with Instagram Ads in the coming months.


If your lucky to of been in business for a sometime then you would of built up a database of name and email addresses but there are some people out there who do not have a database and that maybe due to you starting out and thats ok, but ensure that where ever you go, whom ever you meet grab their details so you can build up that database. In this case we were lucky we had 300 email addresses to play with and to convert some of those people into the FREE program that we were doing to get them re-engaging with her. It also helped that she has over 3000 fans following her on Facebook but it was key that we target those people as well to get them into her database and interacting with her again.

What Next?

Now that the 12 Days of Christmas Fit Blitz is over, we had to ensure that we had something else in place for the clients to action into, which is where our next project comes into play. It isn’t quite ready for sharing yet but we have asked those who went through the program to Register Early so that they don’t miss out on any upcoming Program Launch’s.

I can share with you that this program will be a Membership Area, and we are setting our expectations high for this next lot of marketing campaigns so I am REALLY SUPER excited to see what happens.

I will keep you posted with what goes on throughout the process.

If you have any questions regarding Facebook Advertising or Social Media Strategies then please feel free to contact me.

E: ash@unleashedmultimedia.com.au


So you’ve gone through the effort of creating a Facebook page, designing the graphics and now you want to try and drive some traffic to your page. In this article we will be discussing 3 important methods that you can use to market your FB page.

Firstly, we have Facebook’s inbuilt advertisement system. If you’ve already created your Facebook page then I’m sure you will have seen a section that encourages you to advertise with them. Whilst this method will cost you, it is also one of the best ways in which you can drive targeted traffic to your page and build up a fan base. By advertising on FB you can ensure that they are already Facebook users, thus not wasting your time and money on those who won’t be interested.

Another popular method that most large Facebook pages use is image and video sharing. This basic idea of this is simple, but your imagination and ingenuity is what can make this tactic epic! By posting videos and images on your Facebook page that your audience is likely to enjoy, you increase the chance of them sharing that content with their friends. What this does is to put your Facebook page in the newsfeed of a whole bunch of new people, who may potentially be interested in your page or website. Take a look at some of the larger pages in your niche and you are likely to see many of your competitors already using this tactic. Analyze what content has performed well for them and try and replicate their success. Funny videos and animal posts generally receive a large amount of likes and shares, whereas controversial content is often best avoided.

My third tip is to network within your niche and use your contacts to boost your popularity. This doesn’t mean that you have to network with other Facebook pages; it could mean other websites outside of Facebook. If you can manage to get your content syndicated on their website, or maybe you can do a guest post, then you’ll be able to expand your audience. The best thing about this is that if they are reading your content on another website in the niche then you already know that they are interested in your page. All you need to do is get your Facebook page in front of them and convince them to click the like button!


mock up ulmmThank you for taking the time to read this blog, as a small business owner myself I know how challenging it can be sometimes to become more efficient business owners.




What are your business goals for 2016?

  • Increase your revenue
  • Reduce your cost of sales
  • Save time
  •  Better serve your customers
  • Get more customers
  • And become a more efficient business over all

As the Christmas period is approaching and the new year is just around the corner, now is the time to take a look at what you would like to achieve. I’m hoping to share and give you something that I have come across recently which I believe will be a HUGE game changer for small to medium businesses not just in your marketing but online presence as well.

Did you know that today over 60% of all internet searches are done on a smart phone?

Would you like to establish a stronger online presence?

Would you like to be the Authority in your market?

Do you have Business Management Software?

There are so many products out in the market today it is hard to workout which one is the best fit for you and generally after going through test and trials of programs it gets the the 14 day mark and you still haven’t tested it out.

There is an easy solution to all of these and as part of an affiliate with Abundant Living Foundation, which is a global non-profit organisation, we help businesses to improve their cash-flow and profitability by better utilising technologies like:

  • Social Media
  • Marketing to mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Loyalty programs, etc.

I want to give you something! All I ask is for you to take a short survey that takes 5 minutes of your time about how businesses use the internet and you will receive a detailed report valued at $250 on your business’s online presence – how the web is helping, or hindering your profitability.

The only catch is that we ask the business owner or person in charge that makes the business and marketing decisions.

If you would like me to contact you to take this short survey then please email me with your details and I will schedule a call with you.

E: ash@unleahsedmultimedia.com.au

W: www.unleashedmultimedia.com.au


I have been in digital marketing for over the last 6 years and I have never come across something as incredible as this platform and I would not of signed up to be an affiliate if I didn’t see there was a HUGE potential for small – medium business owners that will certainly make a difference in your business. The best part is that if you don’t like to manage all the digital, online stuff then that is totally ok because we will take care of all that for you.

~ Ashley Rees



Congratulations! Just by getting reading this blog, you’re already ahead of your competition.

Most businesses don’t take the necessary action to succeed online. Now you’ve made this investment, and you’ve gotten this far, I will be here the rest of the way to support you. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you are probably aware that the internet and, more recently, social media is a huge deal. You may use websites and social platforms to gather business, this book will help you to narrow down the engagement with your customer.

If you still think that the internet won’t work for you or help to grow your business, then it is time to stop thinking like that and come back down to earth.

Who really uses the internet to search for local business anyway?

A huge majority of your prospective clients do, that’s who.

You’re at home and realise a water pipe has burst; you need a local plumber to come and fix it. You want someone who will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Your mobile phone is never far away, so you reach into your pocket and with a quick Google search (this will be explained in detail later) you have immediate access to a number of plumbers. It’s so much easier than the yellow pages, which you’ve probably used as a paperweight or pushed under a table to keep it stable.

Recent searches from kilp.com.au show that approximately 86% of Australians have access to the internet, and 63.9% of internet users in Australia use search engines as the first step in the process of making a buying decision.

As part of a younger generation, we like to do our research on the internet before purchasing a product or service, but at the end of the day we still want personal interaction and a connection with someone. This is where social media is vital.

It’s really important to recognise that we’re not trying to sell our service and products here, we are educating our prospective clients. Remember we’re here to solve their problems and they just want someone they trust to help them make the right choices.

If you’re someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in the online world or hasn’t had much experience of the internet, this can seem very overwhelming, which is why your prospective client’s perception of your online presence is important. But don’t worry, you won’t have to get this
totally right on your first try; you can always change the strategy you put in place and try other options later.

You may be concerned that you might do something wrong or get on a roll and then be put off by something as simple as getting bad feedback or not getting much interaction from your followers. This is especially the case if you aren’t sure of how to deal with the situation.

There are a lot of social media experts out there and sorting through them is not an easy task, even for an experienced social media user. It can be quite a task to work out which provider has the best content, who is the most relevant and which stays right up-to-date with the latest trends.

Let’s face it, you can’t always keep up-to-date with every trend that’s happening all of the time. You just need to stay ahead of your competitors.

This works the same in your industry. If you stay ahead of your competitors and can get your information out there in real time, you will soon become the trustworthy source that your prospective clients will look to in future.

If your business doesn’t have an online presence, then you could be missing out on potential clients right now. If they are searching locally and your business doesn’t pop up in their research, you will miss out. Worse still, you could lose their business to a competitor with that all-important internet presence.

You may think I am being over dramatic here, but it is true – a huge majority of clients are searching for businesses who can either solve their problems or can service their needs on the internet. These clients tend to prefer this method of media, rather than traditional forms of advertising.

Historically, the advertising dollar has been spent on traditional areas of advertising, like the Yellow Pages, TV ads, newspapers, radio, flyers and billboards. These forms of advertising make up a substantial portion of most advertising budgets within the business communities that I’ve been associated with.

The common reality of today’s marketing budget is that the online portion is a very small percentage of the overall budgetary spend. The advertiser usually considers their online spend as an extension of their traditional advertising, or as an addition to their specific Yellow Pages expenditure.

You can consider this question yourself. How often do you go to the Yellow Pages to find a business that you’re looking for? Do you go to the bottom draw in your kitchen to pull out the Yellow Pages, or do you open your browser and go straight to Google and do a local search? Or maybe you still use the Yellow Pages, but like to take an additional look at what everyone else is doing around you.

It surprises me how many businesses are still devoting huge chunks of their budget towards the Yellow Pages.

For example, a local business that spends the majority of their marketing budget for traditional advertising, which comes to $14,000 a year, on a coloured ad in the Yellow Pages and a smaller ad in the White Pages. What surprises me here is they don’t know what results or leads they receive from that. For all the company knows, they may not be getting a return on their investment. If so, the money could be utilised elsewhere online to help build their business.

Companies that advertise in these traditional spaces are not utilising important tools that are needed to track the leads they receive. As a result, it can be a very ineffective way to advertise.

There are challenges in using traditional marketing methods and strategies that were used before the internet, social media and modern technology even existed. Unfortunately, these methods and strategies don’t always transfer over successfully and can be expensive. They also make it difficult to track and measure your return on investment, in comparison to social media marketing methods.

Businesses today and in the future may continue to use traditional methods of advertising, as they can reach a large amount of prospective clients by using TV and radio. What they cannot achieve, however, is the narrowing down of their ideal client.

Advertising online has a huge advantage over the traditional advertising methods used by most businesses. One example is the ease with which you can track (relatively quickly) what’s happening throughout the entire online process, including all the traffic that occurs during each stage of the process. This can be done quickly and efficiently at each stage of the game, whether it be through your e-mail or website.

This is very difficult to do with regular and traditional advertising methods. Unless you ask every person that contacts you or walks into your business where they heard about you, and then create a unique number for each lead,  you’re not getting very good information about how your advertising budget is helping you!

Speaking with businesses about their marketing strategies can be a long and draining process, especially when a business may be unsure in which direction their marketing is heading or how much they’re spending or want to spend. Furthermore, they may not be sure what they want to achieve from their marketing or who their target audience is.


I mentioned earlier that people who market in social media area need to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. Google is a good example of how quickly change can happen to technology and how these developments can influence the landscape, and the results that you achieve from your marketing strategy.

In 2011, Google launched their new Google algorithm, Panda. This was a search filter that focused on lowering sites with “poor quality content” and ranked the “high quality content” sites to the top of Google.

This affected an entire website, not just certain pages. In a more recent update, Google released an “over-optimisation” penalty to level out the playing field in the ranking system. During this time, Yellow Pages took a 20% hit in traffic due to the update.

The way Google ranks websites is based on the content and the high SEO (search engine optimised) keywords used, which are related to a key topic or the niche market features of your business. For example, if you were writing a blog on purchasing investment property for a Real Estate you would use relevant keywords, like property investor and property management.

Niche – a niche market defines the product features that are aimed at specific market needs, such as the price range and the demographics it intends to impact.

There are three ways that you can rank through Google. The first one is:

Paid Advertising – this allows businesses to get their website ranked quickly at the top of the first page. There are options to set a budget and each time someone clicks on your ad there is a fee (pay-per-click). If the keywords you have chosen match what your potential clients are searching for, your ad will appear above the other search results.

The way the ad ranking works is based on the following factors:

  •   Your bid, how much you want to spend
  •   The quality of your ad and website

Your ad will go through an ad auction if it is approved to appear for searches. It also has to qualify as a result of ad relevance and landing page experience.

Organic Search – the search results that are shown below the paid advertisements and which appear on the first page because they are relevant to the search term used. Paid adverts are highlighted with a yellow background, so they stand out to the user.

To rank in the Organic section of Google your content must be of a high quality. Accordingly, “content is king” and Meta tags (which are stored in the coding of each page of a website and are used to describe part of the website) are an important part of ranking organically. It is important to remember that this will relate to the specific keywords you want to be ranked for.

Other notable Google services include Google Local and Google Plus. Google Local allows users to search in a geographical location that will pull up local listings. These searches typically include information and keywords, such as what the site the visitor is searching for (the business category or the name of a product). For example, Bathurst Restaurants and Sydney Motels. Businesses that have created a Google Local profile will appear on the first page of Google (most business aren’t aware that these profiles even exist).

Google Local provides information, such as the contact details of the business, the location of their address on Google Maps, as well as their website, business hours and information about their products and services. You can claim your business Local account through Google and optimise it by filling out the details and adding imagery.

We are now going to take a look at the step-by-step strategies that you can implement into your social media marketing which will help to improve what you may already have, or allow you to start from the beginning. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, there is something for everyone to take away and start implementing into their marketing plan.

Before we get started I want you to:

  1. Have an open mind.
  2. Implement (even if you take away just one strategy)

Stay tuned for part 2…

~ Ashley Rees

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